Weight Loss through Brownies & Muffins? Worked for Me!


If that which we resist, persist, then no wonder we’ve been having such a hard time with weigh loss!  Let me explain.  Do you ever have a day where only a brownie will do?  Let me paint you a picture of what was a regular occurrence for me pre-weight breakthrough:

I’d crave something “sinful”, but would instead eat whatever “healthy” stuff I had on hand to quench the craving.  My mind’s dialog would go something like this: “Hmmm… I want a brownie.  NO!  No brownies, brownies are BAD!  Oh here, apples!” (eat an apple).  “Still want a brownie….  delicious, chocolatey, yummy brownie…  NO, go away brownie thoughts!”  (search fridge)  “Oh, carrots, let’s try carrots!” (eat a bag of carrots).  “Dammit!  Still can’t get the brownie out of my mind!  Ug, just resist.. RESIST!”

At this point I probably ate through half the fridge, and then I’d cave and eat that brownie anyway.  The very last bite was closely followed by guilt, shame and blame…  and possibly another brownie because what the hell, the diet’s already ruined!  Not a very pretty picture.

I had a roaring sugar addiction, and had no idea!  When I decided to start weaning myself off, I knew that full deprivation and restriction would never do.  One of my favorite lines from Geneen Roth’s “Women, Food and God” is “we don’t get fat eating what we want, we get fat eating what we don’t want, followed by what we do”.  That was my life, and as strong as I was, willpower only got me so far.  OK… not far at all.

Working with my own Health Coach and going through the curriculum at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I started to slowly work through my addiction and find tools that worked for me.  Unwilling to give up my sweet indulgences, I decided that I will instead feed the cravings…  Only this time, I was going to roll up my sleeves, break out the mixers and blenders, and do it in a way would feed my body with nutrients instead of junk.   With help, I learned what nutritious sugar substitutes are available, their doses and benefits.   I also bagged the while flour (sugar in disguise, don’t kid yourself) and opted for wheat free alternatives.  Brownies made from a can of chick peas?  You betcha!

There were “fails” and learnings, but I didn’t give up.  OK, so the reworked recipes might never have tasted like their sugar laden counterparts, but little by little, I found delight and satisfaction in the treats I made.  Over time, what used to be an incessant shouting of cravings dwindled down to a random mild whisper.

Please don’t underestimate the power of little steps in the right direction.  Set the intention, get support to put it into action, keep doing the work and you will succeed!  One day you will look back and be absolutely flabbergasted at how far you’ve come.  Don’t believe me?  I’m proof  :)  “Treat” yourself well!


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