Vitamix… A Must-Have in Every Nutrinista’s Kitchen

Vitamix!  Where have you been all my life?
No seriously, it’s become my “right hand” in the kitchen.  Prior to settling on a Vitamix, I did a ton of research on high powered blenders, read pages of reviews, and asked current owners for their thoughts.  I’m so glad I did!  Without a doubt, Vitamix is one of the best investments I ever made.

Why I chose to go with Vitamix:
1. Time saving capabilities are worth the price alone.  Even though I love fresh created meals, I have very little time to devote to cooking.  That’s why, you’ll notice, most of my recipes are usually only a few ingredients long ;)  With my Vitamix, I’m now able to pulverize whole fruits and veggies, make elaborate soups in no time at all, and save on cleanup time (the thing cleans itself)!

2. Durability… I use blenders A LOT, and they all seem to crap out around the 1 year mark.  If you spend even $60 on a blender every year, that’s $420 in 7 years.  So why settle for a sub-par product year after year, when you can have a Vitamix that comes with a 7 year warranty instead?

3. NUT MILKS.  I don’t like buying them because of all the additives, chemicals & stabilizers.  I just toss in a few cashews & hot water, and voila!  Creamy “milk” for my Rooibos Chai anytime.  That’s money saved on buying cartons of nut milk, and having them go bad.

4. This is a no-brainer for me, fresh is better!  I can whip up my own hummus easy, create hot, savory soups (like this ginger carrot tofu soup that took minutes to prepare), make curries, dips & smoothies from anything.  No time for lunch? How about drinking your veggies with all the fiber still intact?  Make a lean, green smoothie, pour in a to-go cut, and you’re set to jet!  Less chemicals, more nutrients = more weight loss!

5. People give up dieting because at some point, they just get bored with “diet foods”.  It’s not sustainable. When I finally lost weight, I became really concerned about gaining it back.  No more!  Variety keeps me slinky, and my Vitamix came with a kick butt recipe book, so there’s always something new and fresh to whip up.  Plus… It makes trying new things EASY.  I been rocking raw food lately & loving it!

I settled on the Professional Series 500.  Like I said, I use my blender A LOT.  Having a dial with preset programs is incredibly helpful to me.  Find “the One” for you at & save on shipping and handling by using promo code 06-007719.

Healthy Blending!

PS – not convinced this thing rocks?  Ask anyone who’s had my Chocolate Avocado Mousse – it’s got it’s own following of raving fans.  One of my clients commented “wow, I make mine by your recipe, but it doesn’t taste like THIS!”  ….she’s getting a Vitamix.

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