Success Stories

“I was able to get unstuck, and learned to love myself more than I ever imagined.”

Irina  has guided me to listen to myself more clearly in terms of my overall well-being and, more specifically, in terms of loving my body and letting go of extra weight.

Since working with her, I have painlessly ended my unhealthy addiction to coffee (which I thought was nearly impossible), found an exercise routine that is sustainable, gleaned a better understanding of female health, learned to love myself more than I ever imagined, and released 50 pounds of weight, (which I had been battling to lose for years)!

Irina has a fascinating way of providing a level of comfort and awareness that makes you feel as if you have known her since the beginning of your own time.  For me, this level of comfort is just what I needed to explore the areas of my life that simply weren’t working.

The incongruous space between the life I was living and the life I desired to be living led to emotional eating, coffee overdoses, lack of exercise, and failure to express myself.  It was a very uncomfortable phase of my life.

However, through working with Irina, I was was able to get un-“stuck”.  My discussions with her, and the easy exercises and recommendations she offered to me, made my overwhelming challenges turn into effortless baby-steps which had manifested tremendous change.

Irina kindly and lovingly supported me with her empathy,  knowledge, and humor, guiding me to realize that health and happiness go hand-in-hand.  I attribute my successful and sustainable weight-loss to the dedicated and wise Irina Kachalenko!  I now feel confident, slim, savvy and alive!

If you are ready to feel vibrant and alive, Health Coach Irina Kachalenko is the way to go!

- Jessica M.  27, Atlanta GA

“…but what happens when you are eating “right” and exercising, but the weight just ISN’T coming off???”

photo-1My experience with Irina was amazing and eye opening.  Her positive energy and ceaseless efforts to help me through my most challenging times motivated me.  Irina is caring and knowledgeable in many fields.  She helped me find all the right answers I was looking for that doctors and personal trainers couldn’t seem to help me with.  According to “experts” – I am “fine”.  I am young and healthy.  However, I didn’t feel “FINE”.  I felt depressed, lethargic, confused, overweight and had a face full of blemishes.

Irina listened to my issues, and found ways for me to tackle them one at a time.  She anaziled test results and tirelessly worked to design a program specifically for ME.  She worked with me to fight hormonal concerns, the blues, vitamin deficiencies and keeping my energy up and weight down  Through it all, staying positive and finding happiness was the key.

Irina’s program was just what I needed.  I needed someone who cared enough to dig deep, and get to the root of my rut.  Doctors, exercise experts and nutritionists can give everyone generic advice; “Eat right and exercise…” but what happens when you’re eating “right” and exercising, and the weight just ISN’T coming off?

I started with a few goals when I met Irina: To reach my most healthy weight, to build strength, to find balance, to be HAPPY, and to lastly to get back into my skinny jeans.  I am still on my journey to get into the sinny jeans, but feel that now I have the TOOLS to get there.  Finally… my goals feel attainable.

Irina is an excellent coach, mentor and friend.  I would recommend Irina to everyone.  Women, men, and even teens would benefit from the work Irina does.  People NEED to talk, heal their wounds, and find ways that work for THEM to stay healthy and happy.  Everyone’s “prescription” is different.

Irina gave me ideas and helped me make better choices, but did not give me a food list or ask me to count calories.  I found my “AHA moment” during our work together.  This is exactly what I was searching for!  Anyone can buy a book and follow a diet, but working on yourself as a person involves a lot more than a diet.  Weight loss and healthy living comes from within, and when within is NOT where it should be, we all struggle NO MATTER HOW MANY SALADS WE EAT.

When I started my sessions with Irina, I was 15lb overweight, depressed, exhausted, and ready to give up… conceded that this weight was just where I am meant to be.  Irina helped me see that my goals are attainable.  To get there I had to take care of the things that were standing in my way.  Some of my issues were handling stress, depression, getting sick often, time management, and getting myself moving in order to build energy.

I am proud to say I have found ways to deal with these issues today, feeling lighter, stronger and happier.  I am still on a journey, but I KNOW I can get there now!

- Ada A. 28 – Educator – NJ

“Do something wonderful for YOU – and change your life in the process.”

I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time, and I thought I was doing the right things by working on a popular diet program.   I was always trying to “fix” myself by quantifying what I put in my mouth, and belittling my self-worth based on food limitations and excessive exercise. After the birth of my second child I was 65 pounds overweight, and I felt like I had lost myself.  I was always putting my own needs far behind the needs of my family, especially my children.  With Irina’s help, I finally came to realize that I needed to put myself first more often, and start focusing on re-developing my life and my health.

Irina has a true talent for listening and motivating in an energetic and caring way. I have gone a whole year maintaining my 65 pound weight loss because Irina has taught me not only how to eat healthy, but how to create a healthy balance in my life.  She truly is such a special person because she makes you feel so good about yourself.  Changing my lifestyle has helped me become a better individual, wife, mother and friend.  Irina has not only helped me, but in process she has helped to improve my whole family.  We are eating healthier, connecting better and living the best possible life thanks to this amazing woman!

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 -Sandra K. & Family, Bridgewater NJ


weight loss jersey cityMy journey has been a very eye opening experience but with an internal view.  I was extremely active, went to the gym, practiced intense martial arts, and had a nice long walk for a commute – but I wasn’t seeing any results with my weight (it anything, it was quite the opposite)!  I also had the worst immune system known to man.  If there was cold bug going around not only would I catch it, but it would mutate from a 3 day annoyance to a two week battle that I would lose!  Since I was definitely exercising enough, the problem lay elsewhere and that is where this process really helped me make a change.

I had some strong fears and preconceived notions that hindered me making any changes to my lifestyle and food consumption, also being lazy didn’t help either. I was very intimidated with any changes to what I ate, or at the idea of cooking anything that required more than boiling water. But with some guidance, some hand holding, and some gentle reminders in conjunction with small (but realistically attainable) goals helped me ease into new “arenas”.

It started off simple, with “baby steps”, to test the waters and see if I was willing to try new things. Then if I tried it, and was ok with it, would I do it again?  So with this trial and error approach to see where my comfort levels were actually also helped me release some fears and start new habits. Once I grew accustomed to some changes it made me easier to make others. Plus the rewards are a great motivator to keep going!

Not only have I now lost 30+ lb (and still going), I went from a size 12 to a 6!  I gained a ton of energy, and no longer need to rely on anything for a 3pm pick-me-up.  I also haven’t picked up a cold throughout the whole cold and flu season!! It is still a journey as I continue learning about my cravings, my reactions, my body, and myself but having someone guide me along the way has made all the difference in the world!

- Melissa Z.  31 – Pharmaceuticals – Jersey City, NJ


orchidI had my doubts and really took a huge leap of faith

when I decided to work with Irina, but I’m so glad I did!  After just one month into the program, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I lost 10lb!  Something I didn’t anticipate since dropping even a few measly pounds has been such a struggle in the past, even with grueling workouts and “eating right”.

I also wanted to share that this is the BEST I’ve felt in years!  I have more energy and feel AMAZING.  I can’t wait to discover more on this journey to the new me :)

I tell everyone who will listen about how working with Irina has been so amazing.

- Nancy Q,  44 – Sales


I have worked with nutritionists before, but Irina Kachalenko is by far the best nutrition coach I’ve ever worked with!  For one thing, she really “knows her stuff.” What foods, when, why. As a university professor,I’m always impressed by people who are knowledgeable in their field, and Irina surely impresses me.
When I began, I was not very helpful because I had to lose 45-50lbs. (from a 5’7″ frame!), but Irina was simply undaunted by this goal.  She started right in with some concrete suggestions that were simple and effective for me.   There was a real “can-do” energy in her voice that, together with the knowledge and simple steps, made me feel really confident.
What’s great is the “check-in” with Irina.  I always look forward to it – even if I’ve slipped a little.  Irina manages to be upbeat and realistic at the same time.  She coaches you, but she’s more like a wise companion on the journey.  She knows the territory and the pitfalls, and helps you negotiate them.
Who knew losing weight could be so pleasant?

- Fr. Simon H., 64  Milwaukee.

This process is LIFE CHANGING!  Dear Lady over 50, this Program is for you! Remember, the nature is not interested in taking care of us, post-menopausal women any longer. We are on our own now. And it is hard. Fortunately, the help is available. Take this Program, and you will be sleep like a baby, enjoying your healthy skin and firm body, bursting with energy. You will re-think your life style and see the life in the rainbow colors again!
I cannot believe my life before!  I would come home after long hours at the office with just about enough energy to microwave something, and watch TV.  I thought that this was just normal!  Wow, what a change 6 months have made!
With Irina’s guidance, I was able to implement the right foods and workouts for my body, and surprisingly, my energy started to sky rocket!  I learned how to listen to myself and set myself as a priority.  I was able to lose a few pounds but the real benefit to me was how my body shape and tone have changed!  The skin on my face regained it’s youthful glow, and people started to comment and ask if I had anything “done”.  I feel (and look) years younger, and I look to the future with optimism & joy!
My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago.

- Nadia K, Manager Finance, 56


This has been an incredible process that taught me not only about nutrition, but very much about myself.  When I began this program, I had a number of health concerns including constant headaches, fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.  Irina provided a very comfortable atmosphere in which I was able to learn about which particular foods to stay away from, and which to have more of.
Being someone that is generally intimidated by anything other than the microwave in the kitchen, I began taking Irina’s many recipe suggestions and putting them to use.  Irina also helped me immensely with time management and prioritizing my many obligations, while finding ways to still fit in a workout routine.
She is an amazing, caring, and wonderful listener that genuinely cares about the people she works with.  This program not only diminished all of the health-related concerns I had at the onset, but also changed my overall attitude.  I now know how food impacts not only physical health, but what a huge effect it has on emotional well-being!  I’m looking forward to continue applying everything I learned moving forward.

- Anna Z. 27 – Marketing Associate – NJ