Is “Positive Thinking” Just “Brain Candy” with no SUBSTANCE?

Hello there you glorious Nutrinista! How the heck are you?

Today… I’m gonna muse a bit about all this “positive thinking” stuff… You know, like in The Secret… and why it doesn’t reeeaaally work.

Like most of us “seekers” and believers, I’m sure you read the book (or at least heard about the concept)… Maybe you even played around with a couple of ideas and affirmations, but then returned to “planet earth”…  a little disappointed.  Me too ;)

Soooo if nothing’s really happening… why are these books and concepts so darn POPULAR?

To me… the allure of just “THINKING” your way to your desires, is like another crash DIET.  We really really want to believe it since it promises amazing, quick results, with minimal effort.  But just like any diet, the concept starts to lose it’s luster and appeal when the results are “minimal at best”.  Last time I checked, most of us are STILL not walking around looking like supermodels, with oodles of dough in the bank…  

big.brain_.alien_What gives???  Is the MAGIC of “positive thinking” just reserved for the “special few” that can somehow SUPERthink —->

Not quite…

What we forget, and what we sometimes miss… is that one crucial KEY that CAN in fact bring in what you’ve been dreaming off… it’s what I call:

“Inspired ACTION”

Here is the real deal, Love.  Thinking, wishing, praying… it’s essential, but it’s just PART of the equation.

In order to achieve what you desire, you have to back the thinking up with an ACTION.

And here’s where it starts getting interesting: the synergy of POSITIVE THOUGHT + INSPIRED ACTION create a supercharged force that bring you your results WAY faster!  (and without STRUGGLE)

So if there’s anything that YOU’VE been struggling with, something that you’ve been wishing for, or wishing would just go away (to no avail), you have to really ask:

“Have I been taking inspired action here?”

Be honest… and then ask: “Just how much longer DO I want to deal with this?”

GET CLEAR on what you WANT.  INVITE direction, and TAKE ACTION!  

Sign up for that gym, get help with your diet (ahem, I’m here ;), update your resume, or sign onto… Any step IS THE RIGHT STEP…  then watch as things start changing right before your eyes.

My life, my clients’ lives, my soulful business sisters… we’re asking, trusting, taking action, and watching in AMAZEMENT as things fall into place…  Incredible things are happening, so why not for you???

Oh… and just how DO you tell if it’s indeed an “inspired” action?  It scares you, your MIND tells you it’s wrong, or it’s not gonna work, or it’s a waste of time/money… But your heart – you FEEL a lightness and a joy…  so JUMP my friend!  And if you need a nudge, you know just where to find me ;) ….I’ll also bring the net.

Blaze dem trails My Dolls!  …and share YOU inspired actions, too :)  Together, let’s make some AMAZING things happen!



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