Livin’ Greens Soup

Chilled… and very cool indeed!
Live Green Asparagus SoupOh… and did I mention it’s LIVE???
“What does that MEAN exactly?” you might ask. Well, LIVE means it’s NEVER been cooked, and never been heated past a certain point.
“Why should I care?” you might ask.  Well, because when you keep things quote on quote “live” – you preserve all the precious, vital nutrients contained IN that food, that would have been lost in the cooking process.
AND, since you’re blending it and cracking fiber cell walls, you’re getting even MORE of those precious, detoxifying, slimming, filling, yummy vitamins and minerals.
So I say… “GO GREENS GO!”  (I was a cheerleader in high school, so sue me).

1/2 peeled cucumber
4 or 6 shoots of asparagus
1 celery rod
handful of baby greens (such as spinach & baby lettuces)
couple of leaves of basil
1/2 cup water + few ice cubes

Peel cucumber, cube.  Toss in the Vitamix (or blender) with all ingredients.  Set to “smoothie”, give it a whirl…  Donezo!

You now have NUTRIpowers!

Flax-ed Up Greens

frozen veggies and flax seed….freezer edition ;)
What’s a gal to do when not in the mood to cook, or have a lot of time to do so?  Hit the freezer!  I wanted something green, warm, nutrient rich but quick for lunch today.  I searched the freezer and spotted: string beans, frozen brussel sprouts and leeks – perfect! Continue reading

Veggie Zasta w/ Hemp Seeds

Hello my dear pasta lovers, this one’s for YOU!  ….ok, so it might not be exactly “pasta”, but it’s delicious non-the-less, very low in calories, high in nutrient content, and tastes a hell of a lot better than any other gluten free pasta alternative out there (or at least I think so).  Everyone who’s tried this dish, LOVES it… and the best part?  No bloat, no sleepy feeling later!  In fact, quite the opposite. Continue reading