Vitamix… A Must-Have in Every Nutrinista’s Kitchen

Vitamix!  Where have you been all my life?
No seriously, it’s become my “right hand” in the kitchen.  Prior to settling on a Vitamix, I did a ton of research on high powered blenders, read pages of reviews, and asked current owners for their thoughts.  I’m so glad I did!  Without a doubt, Vitamix is one of the best investments I ever made.
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The Coolest Little Kitchen Scale!

This little guy is such fun & comes in so handy that I just had to share!  I have been looking for a food scale for a while, and I didn’t want anything bulky, mechanical or “cheap”…  I just wanted to be able to tell how much my food weighs, or be able to measure out my recipes without much fuss.  I found everything and more in this little and adorable scale!  When I first got it, I couldn’t stop measuring EVERYTHING!  Did you know an almond is 1gram?  A peanut is a bit more?  2.5 peanuts (on average) make 3 grams.  I still keep measuring food just for the fun of it.

I also find it to be a very helpful tool for my clients.  We are so used to oversized portions that we have a distorted view of what a portion of something really should look like… It becomes eye opening for many (myself included) to see what an ounce of cheese looks like, or a proper serving of meat.  We’ve been eating double or triple that thinking that that’s what constitutes a “portion”.  Also, I use this scale when tracking daily food intake or logging Carbs.  I really can’t tell you how many strawberries constitute a “cup”, but the EatSmart Precision PRO scale can tell me precisely in grams or ounces.

Now… onto the coolest feature of all – listen up, bakers!  You know those recipes that give you ingredients to combine by ounce or grams?  I used to hate cleaning a whole bunch of measuring cups.  This scale totally takes care of all that.  Just set a bowl on top and go!  This scale can be re-calibrated to zero after each ingredient.  When I’m done cooking or playing, I just put it away in my pantry.  It’s super light and barely takes up any space at all.

I’ve been having such a good time with this little guy, I just wanted to pass the info along :)  Check it out here, they also have nice color options (I should have gone with the red now that I think of it… oh well)

Happy scaling & let me know what you think!

For Beautiful, Soft Skin… Add Love & Goat Milk

OK so I’ve been on this crazy goat milk kick lately…  Goat milk is much easier for our systems to digest, and kefir is a delicious healing pro-biotic tonic for the belly.  So it was almost funny that when I was out in California this month I just happened to strike up a conversation with Lauren, a one half of the Mother-Daughter creative duo of  Guess what they make?  Goat milk skin care!  We started talking about holistic living, her company, and I was really interested in checking out their product the more we spoke.   I was so excited when I first opened up the “mini Starter Kit” parcel from Chivas – the smell was so fresh and natural, and the packaging so fun and adorable…  Seriously, I couldn’t wait to get it home!

So I’ve been using the soap, and I report that indeed, it does give you a squeaky fresh clean without over-drying.  The lather is nice, very soft and cocooning… (You can read the benefits of using goat milk in soap especially if you have dry or sensitive skin here )  Ok… soap is great but what about the other goodies?  I got a little tub of “Sweet Nothings” facial cream, and was debating for a while…  I’m very apprehensive about what I put on my face because I can be prone to breakouts.  But I figured since the soap was OK, let’s just at least try the cream.
First thing I noticed when I opened up the little pod of the Goat Milk Facial Crème was the smell.  A refreshing blend of zingy citrus, creamy florals, and just a touch of lavender.  The cream itself is hard to describe – it’s silky and light, but at the same time very moisturizing.  I was afraid that the cream might make my face break out or clog pores but no – I’ve been using it and I’m really liking it!  My skin stays supple and soft, and the scent is uplifting and relaxing at the same time.
Finally, the product that I’m super excited about is the Vegan Lip Balm.  No goat milk here but just pure lip goodness!  I’ve been a Dr. Hauschka’s user for years.  Their balm was the only one that was very lubricating without being sticky or wearing off in an hour.  I’ve tried other natural brands and they’ve all fallen short.  I hate that sticky feel you get from a lot of the beeswax products, no one wants to kiss a wax candle.  I’m SO happy to have found this lip balm, it’s the only one that comes close to Dr. Hauschka’s at HALF the price.  YAY, finally!  Plus… here’s my favorite part: A light lip tingle courtesy of peppermint essential oil.  Who doesn’t like a little lip tease?  ;)
All in all, I’m super impressed.  Not just with the products but with the company.  You can FEEL the love, thought and passion that goes into the products!  If you’re looking for good-for-you, humane and high quality skincare products, please check them out online:

PS – you know those times where you have no idea what to get someone?  These guys have adorable gift sets, ready to go!