The Coolest Little Kitchen Scale!

This little guy is such fun & comes in so handy that I just had to share!  I have been looking for a food scale for a while, and I didn’t want anything bulky, mechanical or “cheap”…  I just wanted to be able to tell how much my food weighs, or be able to measure out my recipes without much fuss.  I found everything and more in this little and adorable scale!  When I first got it, I couldn’t stop measuring EVERYTHING!  Did you know an almond is 1gram?  A peanut is a bit more?  2.5 peanuts (on average) make 3 grams.  I still keep measuring food just for the fun of it.

I also find it to be a very helpful tool for my clients.  We are so used to oversized portions that we have a distorted view of what a portion of something really should look like… It becomes eye opening for many (myself included) to see what an ounce of cheese looks like, or a proper serving of meat.  We’ve been eating double or triple that thinking that that’s what constitutes a “portion”.  Also, I use this scale when tracking daily food intake or logging Carbs.  I really can’t tell you how many strawberries constitute a “cup”, but the EatSmart Precision PRO scale can tell me precisely in grams or ounces.

Now… onto the coolest feature of all – listen up, bakers!  You know those recipes that give you ingredients to combine by ounce or grams?  I used to hate cleaning a whole bunch of measuring cups.  This scale totally takes care of all that.  Just set a bowl on top and go!  This scale can be re-calibrated to zero after each ingredient.  When I’m done cooking or playing, I just put it away in my pantry.  It’s super light and barely takes up any space at all.

I’ve been having such a good time with this little guy, I just wanted to pass the info along :)  Check it out here, they also have nice color options (I should have gone with the red now that I think of it… oh well)

Happy scaling & let me know what you think!

Edible Gluten Free Bread – is it the Holy Grail?

Sometimes, all a client really wants is a sandwich.  A quick and easy,
throw it together, good old fashioned – sandwich.  But for the clients
that cannot tolerate gluten, or have a wheat allergy, sometimes that
leaves them with the fixin’s since bread is out of the question.  If I
mention Gluten Free bread, a grossed out look or scrunched nose is
usually the response that I get.  After trying this so called “bread”
myself, I certainly can’t blame them – you might as well spread
mustard on cardboard.
Anyway, I decided to give GF Bread another chance – maybe I’ll be
pleasantly surprised… maybe.  So last night I picked up a loaf of
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free San Juan 7-Grain bread at Whole Foods.
What can I say, it’s actually not bad!  It’s a little drier then
regular bread, it doesn’t “toast” the same, it’s got a sweetness I’m
not used to from regular bread – almost like a challah sweetness (from
the agave syrup I assume) and it’s not cheap (I paid 6.99), but I would
definitely use it again.
See example below, this is my “Veggieterranean” sandwich – open faced:
– slice of bread
– smear of Hummus
– sprinkle of Feta
– topped with alfalfa sprouts & tomato slices
– dusted with a little bit of salt & love
(I like to also eat this one with olives :)

**This find was good, but not amazing – so I will continue my quest.
If you found a GF bread that you really like – please share!