So what’s MY hidden agenda?

“Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.”  – Unknown

I have to say, after last weekend listening to another seminar hosted by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am even MORE passionate about my work!  And I think I have to confess to you why I truly am so driven to do what I do.  Yes, I can help you lose weight, yes, I can make you look years younger and have your friend make comments about how “great you look”, BUT…  what I really, truly want for you is OPTIMAL HEALTH and a long and happy life.

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Vitamix… A Must-Have in Every Nutrinista’s Kitchen

Vitamix!  Where have you been all my life?
No seriously, it’s become my “right hand” in the kitchen.  Prior to settling on a Vitamix, I did a ton of research on high powered blenders, read pages of reviews, and asked current owners for their thoughts.  I’m so glad I did!  Without a doubt, Vitamix is one of the best investments I ever made.
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