Eat JC Local & Fresh: Grove Street Farmer’s Market

What I really like about Grove Street Farmer’s Market is that it isn’t terribly crowded, and you could definitely find some excellently fresh produce.  I was able to pick up asparagus, mint, cucumbers, carrots and incredibly juicy and succulent tomatoes.  Actually… the tomatoes alone are worth going back for.  Not much fruit (yet), but punnets of glowing strawberries were on offer for $3.99 (score!).
Aside from the produce, I was also happy to find farm fresh eggs, slivers of cheese, local honey and chutneys.  I also quite enjoy the gourmet pickle and olive stand, with large vats of pickles full and half brine strength that you can even sample.  A couple of food trucks are usually present – tacos, Indian, vegan sweets (not from the same truck ;)).  There’s popcorn, spring rolls, and a local bakery with incredibly appealing packaging and titilating treats.
I can’t tell you much about the sweets, but I can say that the greens were great!  Fresh, crisp & refreshing.  There wasn’t a tremendous selection of produce (especially fruit), but whatever you can’t find, you can pick up at the local bodegas.  And if you’re worried about going shopping hungry, don’t.  Nature House is two blocks away where green juices and fruit smoothies are made fresh when you order.
This market operates Mondays & Thursdays, from 4 – 8pm, May to December.
Happy foraging!  Let me know what you find, or which pickle was your fave :)

Yes… I am a Walmart shopper O.o

OK, let me explain…  First time I ever walked into a Walmart, I walked out after 5 minutes for too many reasons then I care to list.  But the other day I was looking for cheapy Christmas stuff so I decided to take a deep breath and check out the Walmart close to my gym in Bayonne.  Right as I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised!  (by the produce section, that is).  There were plenty of greens, veggies and fruits for offer for very reasonable prices.  
So tonight I stopped in again post workout, and was able to fill my bag to the brim with fruits and veggies, 13 produce items in total – for $20!  C’mon, that’s great!  And yes… I even got a bag of organic apples & organic broccoli bunches :) total WIN!  Organic… at Walmart… who knew?!  Good job Bayonne Walmart, keep the organics coming :)