Reasons to PANIC About Weight Loss…

Hi hi there you Delicious Being!


Just a little bit of poking fun at our subconscious (God we just take this mind sabotage thing SO DARN SERIOUS sometimes ;)…

If you’ve been getting “in your own way” when it comes to losing weight, enjoy traversing through….

Reasons to Panic About Weight Loss!
(and what to feed your mind, instead):

1.    “OMG people will TALK about me!”

Yes… they will.  And to your face, they might say things like….  “WOW!  You look AMAZING!  What have you been doing?!”  (sounds awful ;)
…what they say about you BEHIND your back, is none of your business.  Gossip IS a form of flattery.

2.     “MEN (or women) will NOTICE me!”

You EARNED it, why not FLAUNT IT?!  I’m sorry, who DOESN’T like to feel desired, admired, and made feel attractive.
For those in a committed relationship, your new found confidence (and body) IS the ultimate aphrodisiac, no?  Go on… keep the lights on, I dare you ;)

3.    “But I’ll have to get new clothes…”

Hurraaah!  And you’ll actually LIKE looking in the fitting room mirrors!  …plus, you must admit, some of those clothes, those ratty sweatpants?  Do they make you feel like a MILLION BUCKS?  ….I didn’t think so.  

4.     “….but buying new clothes is gonna be expensive.”

Um… and just exactly how much money have you been spending on the BIGGER clothes & diet things?  Don’t kid yourself, you’ll still spend that money… the choice is your though… do you want to get smaller, cuter, funner clothes, or go buy more “size up’s”.  

5.     “I’ll become shunned by my friends and family for eating “diet” foods, and will lose my social life… “

Um… NO!  And definitely not I were to teach you the right foods for YOU.
I’m out with my friends and hunny all the time!  I eat amazing, and still stay shkinny.  Here’s a chance to not only change YOUR life for the better, but impact your friends & family!  Why NOT create a ripple effect, and be the leader???  Leadership and confidence is so darn sexy anyway ;)

6.    People at the gym will judge me, I’m way too out of shape to go” 

Reality check: no one there cares about YOU.  The people at the gym are there too busy caring about themselves, and most likely fretting about what YOU think about THEM.  

7.     “My weight loss will bring on attention… people will SEE me, and that’s scary!”

Yep, and when you triumph over fear, gain confidence, and feel EMPOWERED… what will you next to conquer next?
What dreams are covered under all those “layers”?  What are you WAITING for…  What do you WANT?
Ooooh revel in the juicy possibilities ;)

Enjoy the “mind-field”, Lovey… and if you’re ready to take a leap into the new frontier, you know just where to find me :)


Is “Positive Thinking” Just “Brain Candy” with no SUBSTANCE?

Hello there you glorious Nutrinista! How the heck are you?

Today… I’m gonna muse a bit about all this “positive thinking” stuff… You know, like in The Secret… and why it doesn’t reeeaaally work.

Like most of us “seekers” and believers, I’m sure you read the book (or at least heard about the concept)… Maybe you even played around with a couple of ideas and affirmations, but then returned to “planet earth”…  a little disappointed.  Me too ;)

Soooo if nothing’s really happening… why are these books and concepts so darn POPULAR?

To me… the allure of just “THINKING” your way to your desires, is like another crash DIET.  We really really want to believe it since it promises amazing, quick results, with minimal effort.  But just like any diet, the concept starts to lose it’s luster and appeal when the results are “minimal at best”.  Last time I checked, most of us are STILL not walking around looking like supermodels, with oodles of dough in the bank…  

big.brain_.alien_What gives???  Is the MAGIC of “positive thinking” just reserved for the “special few” that can somehow SUPERthink —->

Not quite…

What we forget, and what we sometimes miss… is that one crucial KEY that CAN in fact bring in what you’ve been dreaming off… it’s what I call:

“Inspired ACTION”

Here is the real deal, Love.  Thinking, wishing, praying… it’s essential, but it’s just PART of the equation.

In order to achieve what you desire, you have to back the thinking up with an ACTION.

And here’s where it starts getting interesting: the synergy of POSITIVE THOUGHT + INSPIRED ACTION create a supercharged force that bring you your results WAY faster!  (and without STRUGGLE)

So if there’s anything that YOU’VE been struggling with, something that you’ve been wishing for, or wishing would just go away (to no avail), you have to really ask:

“Have I been taking inspired action here?”

Be honest… and then ask: “Just how much longer DO I want to deal with this?”

GET CLEAR on what you WANT.  INVITE direction, and TAKE ACTION!  

Sign up for that gym, get help with your diet (ahem, I’m here ;), update your resume, or sign onto… Any step IS THE RIGHT STEP…  then watch as things start changing right before your eyes.

My life, my clients’ lives, my soulful business sisters… we’re asking, trusting, taking action, and watching in AMAZEMENT as things fall into place…  Incredible things are happening, so why not for you???

Oh… and just how DO you tell if it’s indeed an “inspired” action?  It scares you, your MIND tells you it’s wrong, or it’s not gonna work, or it’s a waste of time/money… But your heart – you FEEL a lightness and a joy…  so JUMP my friend!  And if you need a nudge, you know just where to find me ;) ….I’ll also bring the net.

Blaze dem trails My Dolls!  …and share YOU inspired actions, too :)  Together, let’s make some AMAZING things happen!



9 Causes of Cravings

female-detectiveThere could be a PLETHORA of reasons why your body’s calling out for certain foods. Before you start blaming yourself, beating yourself up, or trying out “trick” your body out of what it’s calling out for, I challenge you to do get your Sherlock Holmes hat on, and do some investinatin’.

Here are the 9 most common reasons for cravings I see in my practice:
1. Is the food you’re craving particularly rich in certain vitamins or minerals that your diet might be lacking?  For example, women tend to crave chocolate just before and during their periods.  Anecdotal?  I think not!  Don’t forget that chocolate is rich in iron and magnesium… 2 VITAL nutrients that we are losing during “that time o’ the month”.

2. Are you getting your all your “building blocks” through your foods?  If you’re eating packaged foods, microwave foods, low-fat/fat-free or canned foods – you will need a LOT MORE volume to get the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly.
I like to use the “brick and mortar” analogy (the 2 things essential in building a foundation, for example).  I call mactonutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates, “bricks”.  The “mortar” are your micronutrients, your vitamins and minerals.  If your body is getting too many “bricks”, but not enough “mortar” (since “mortar” is easily damaged and killed off in processing), then the body will store the “bricks” (in fat) and ask for more “mortar” (food).  So you might not have an “insatiable appetite”, your body might just be calling out for more nutrients!
Once I get clients eating micronutrient dense foods, and taking proper supplements, they often report that their meals have been shrinking, they haven’t been snacking, or that their cravings have “disappeared”…  all without consciously trying!

3. Are you eating too many salty or sodium rich foods because if so… your body will only NATURALLY ask for sweet and sugary treats to balance out.

4. Are you keeping cool and hydrated with plenty of water, and water dense veggies, especially in hot, summer weather?   If not, your body might be asking for cooling foods, such as ice cream, to cool down.

5. Are you getting the love and affection that you need?  The act of touching, hugging or kissing brings down cortisol levels, and increases feed good chemicals in the brain.  If we’re affection starved, we might be seeking that feel good high through food instead.  It’s only chemical ;)

6. Are you just thirsty?  Did you know that mild thirst can actually manifest itself as hunger?  Next time you’re rummaging for a snack, have a glass of water instead.  Give it a few minutes, and see what happens to your cravings.

7. Appletinis galore last night?  Ooooh yeah.. big one.  Alcohol is a double whammy: Not only will your body be seeking out the same “sugar high” that it got from the drinks last night, but… it will also ask for even MORE sugar or carbs for that “pick me up” energy boost that’s so desperately needed after a night of drinking.

8. Memories… sweet memories.  Sometimes, certain people, situations, or events trigger cravings.  For example, if there’s a memory that comes with food attached (like having fresh baked cookies every time you visited grandma’s house), then you might get a craving for a cookie when you remember grandma, or when you get a little homesick.

9. SUGAR!  Eeep, so many of us these days are HIGHLY hooked on the “white stuff”, and we don’t even know it!  “Oh but I don’t eat sugar” I hear ALL the time… oh yeah?  But do you eat microwavable “lean” meals, cereals, energy bars or soft drinks (even diet)?  If so, the sugar (or it’s chemical, calorie free cousins), so cleverly disguised under even “health” labels, might just be the “hook” that keeps you coming back for more and more…  If you suspect sugar is your “kick”, then you and I have TONS to talk about ;) shoot me a line.

Remember… the body is the most AMAZING super computer, and it rarely makes mistakes.  “Tune in”, ask yourself “What am I craving, and why?” and you might JUST uncover a new and better way to your health & weight loss goals ;)

See you on the Skinny Path!