It’s simple…

Every woman deserves a body that SHE JUST LOVES!

Hi there!  My name is Irina Kachalenko, and I TRULY believe in the statement above.  So much so, that it’s become my life’s mission.

As a weight loss expert, I teach women how to lose weight is SUCH a delicious way, that stubborn fat comes off naturally and easily.  The best part?  It STAYS off… for GOOD!  How do I know?  The proof is in the pudding (my story, and also my clients’ success).

When was the last time you felt truly happy in your skin, looked in the mirror and SMILED, felt like a million bucks in your skinny clothes?  Do you wake up in the morning buzzing with energy that lasts throughout your day?  Or are you perpetually on an hunger, energy and mood roller coaster?

If you are tired of losing weight just to gain it all back (and then some), frustrated with spending countless hours at the gym to minimal results (in any), and completely confused as to what you should be eating because of all the contradictory information out there, then I am so happy you’re here!

Peruse my page, and if what I’m writing speaks to you, let’s talk.

Could one conversation change your life?  Absolutely.  I’ve had reports of more energy, confidence, motivation, willpower and even a few pounds shed within DAYS of a complementary breakthrough session.  Let’s find what’s getting in YOUR way, and create a plan for you to FINALLY break through, and become the coveted 4% (dieters that keep weight off for GOOD). Can’t wait to hear from you!